We are accepting new members: We have a simple online form that you can use when applying and renewing to our club. If for some reason you are unable to use this please contact the club secretary for an application. The email address is The club cell phone is (406) 314-8149. Please scroll down to the online application. If the online form is not working you can request to have one sent to you by calling the club phone. Please use the online if at all possible.
At this time dues are $70 for an individual and $105 for a married couple and $ 5.00 for each child under 18. A membership year is from March first to the end of February, i.e. from March 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017. All members must attend an orientation before a range key can be issued. If you have attended an orientation and have continuously been a member you are in good standing. If you have any question you are welcome to call the club cell phone.

Range Orientation

All members are required to attend orientation before they receive a key to the range. Orientations are scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month. On the months with no club meeting, it will be at 7pm, and when there is a club meeting it will be at 6:30 pm. Check the list of club events for the next orientation. The location will be at the Flathead Fair Grounds, 265 N Meridian Rd, Kalispell, MT in the Florence Borgan Building.
Please contact Stan at 406-314-8149 for further details.

About Us

About The Whitefish Rifle & Pistol Club

Welcome to the Whitefish Rifle & Pistol Club web site. We are a private non-profit gun club. We promote the safe use and education of personal firearms. Our membership is varied from the casual shooter to the tournament shooter. We have grandparents who bring their grand-children out to learn how to shoot to NRA certified instructors who train on firearm safety, reloading or even black powder shooting.
Our club meets bimonthly at the Flathead County Fairgrounds in Kalispell MT. The months are January, March, May, July, September, November. Please check our event schedule for dates and times. We meet at the Florence Borgen 4H building Flathead County Fairgrounds 265 N. Meridian Road, Kalispell, Montana.
Annually we support the hunters in our area by helping them safely zero their rifles before hunting season. We try to coordinate this to happen the weekend before Antelope season and the weekend before general hunting season. The club provides shooting rests and spotting scopes. We ask that you bring some eye and hearing protection. If you bring your children please remember there is live ammo being fired. Do not allow your children to be running around and playing in the woods. This is for theirs and our safety. Thank you.

Range Info

The Whitefish Rifle & Pistol Club Range is a private, members-only facility. To ensure the security of the range, there is a locked gate. The gate lock is changed every year. To receive a key, you must submit a membership application with the annual membership fee to the club and attend a club orientation. The fee is $70 for individuals and $105 for husband and wife and $5 for each child under 18.

The physical Address to our range is: 323 Rifle Range Road, Whitefish Montana 59937.
The range hours are 8:00AM – 9:00pm (or dark), Monday – Sunday, year round. There is no power or lights at the range.
The pistol range has a covered firing line with a distance of 50 yards. The range has a total of 30 firing points, including 15 firing points for bullseye competition shooting. The rifle range also has a covered firing line. There are 18 benches for rifle shooting at distances from 100 – 300 yards.


The range is located just off KM Ranch Road in Whitefish, Montana
    • From Highway 93, turn West on to KM Ranch Road (there is no stop sign or stop light)
    • Drive approximately 4 miles on KM Ranch Road (1 mile on pavement, then 3 miles on dirt).
    • Turn right at the range sign onto Rifle Range road..
    • Drive approximately 1 mile to the range gate.
    • Continue on for a half mile to the range; the pistol range is at the first right, the rifle range is at the second right.

At this time we no longer have any range over 300 yards. As a courtesy to our neighbors do not permit the use of exploding targets, shooting skeet, 50 cal BMG rifles, and automatic weapons or rifles with bump stocks to be fired at our facility. To report lost / found items or a safety violations please contact the Club at 406-314-8149.

Four Basic Firearms Safety Rules

When at the range always follow the Four Basic Firearms Safety Rules:
    • 1) Handle all firearms as if they were loaded! Never forget that a gun has the potential to produce serious injury or death in a single instant of carelessness. Make safe gun handling a habit to be followed at all times. After you determine that a gun is unloaded, continue to handle it as though it were loaded.
    • 2) Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction! In selecting a safe direction, you must also take into consideration that a bullet can ricochet or glance off any object it strikes, and that bullets can penetrate walls, ceilings, floors, and windows.
    • 3) Keep your finger out of the gun’s trigger guard and off the trigger until you have aligned the gun’s sights on a safe target and you have made the decision to fire! By keeping your finger completely outside the trigger guard until you have aimed at the target, you guarantee that any shots you fire will go safely in the direction of your intended target.
    • 4) Always be certain that your target and the surrounding area are safe before firing! Remember that a bullet can travel as much as several miles, so you should be certain of what your bullet could strike before you pull the trigger. Never fire at a movement, a noise, a flash of color, or a rustling bush without positively identifying your target.

Club Newsletter

Whitefish Rifle and Pistol Club News Letter
March 2016
P.O. Box 3542, Kalispell, MT 59903

Next meeting will be May 4, 2016 at Flathead County Fairgrounds 7:00pm
A Regular meeting of the Whitefish Rifle and Pistol Club was held on March 2016 with three board members and 22 members present.

Range Lease Renewal March 2016

Our current lease for the outdoor range has expired on March 1, 2016. As of this newsletter we have not seen the new lease. We are anticipating an increase in the yearly lease fee and we have been informed that we will also be required to provide a security bond, and that our lease will be shortened from 15 years to 10 years. These are fairly significant changes that were discussed at both the November and January meetings.

Membership Dues Increase

In light of the expected changes in the new lease, the board put to the membership at the January meeting and passed a request to increase the dues for the following reasons:
    • • Expected increase in the range lease from DNRC
    • • Expected requirement on the lease to provide a $10,000 Security bond as a requirement of the lease
    • • The necessity to have a lawyer represent the club because of the many challenges our neighbors are presenting to make us move
    • • If the rifle range is to survive in the current location we are going to have to aggressively defend ourselves and improve the safety on the range
    • • We need to continue to have the safest range possible

Submitting Ideas

Submitting an idea to the membership for an event. After a lively debate on getting an event a member of the club was interested in, I decided to put in this newsletter some specifics on what a club member should have when proposing a new event to the membership.
    • • What facilities are going to be needed for the event? Do we need to build bays or berms or whatever? Or can we use the existing facilities?
    • • Do we need to purchase anything, such as targets etc.?
    • • What kind of interest is there in the club or valley?
    • • Are you willing to head up a committee to make this event happen?
    • • What are the costs for the club if known?

Election Results

Elections were held at the March meeting and your board for 2016 is:
    • President - Gavin Corrigan
    • Vice President - Justin Beaureguard
    • Secretary - Stan Rube
    • Treasurer - Bill Etter
    • Executive Officer - Bill LaFontaine
    • Chief Trainer - Dave Speer

Range Events 2016

Rifle range will be closed for general use for the following events in 2016:
    • • Range Clean Up Day – April 9th 8:00AM until done. All ranges will be closed for this clean up.
    • • Women on Target setup on Friday July 15th from 12:00pm to dark, and Event on Saturday July 16th All day. All ranges will be closed for this event both days.
    • • Hunters Sight-in October 21st & 22nd, and again on October 15th & 16th. From 9:00am to 4:00pm each day. All ranges will be closed for this event both days.
    • • Rifle range only will be reserved for a High-power Rifle League Thursday nights from 5:30pm until 7:30pm from April 7 to July 14. Pistol range will be open at this time./li>
This is an FYI for everyone on things that need to be done on the April Range Clean Up:
    • 1. Remove trash on range, and replace any target boards that need replacing. Most of the target boards were replaced the Saturday after our meeting as we didn’t think we could wait until April
    • 2. Cut down any small trees growing in ranges
    • 3. Remove two old Outhouses
    • 4. Remove steel and wood from pile behind 300 parking-lot
    • 5. Clear and mark a path between Outhouse and pistol range
Some other things we are looking at for this year depending on the money we have available after we renew the lease:
    • 1. Grading and graveling the roads on the range. (This will be done as we have the money)
    • 2. Redoing the berms behind all target boards. (Must submit a plan to DNRC for approval)
    • 3. New signs on road and range. (Availability of money)
    • 4. Handicap access ramp to Pistol range. (Money is issue here as well)

High-power Rifle League

We are starting a High-power Rifle League on April 7th to July 14th, 5:30pm to 7:30pm. If anyone is interested in NRA High-power rifle shooting or would just like to come out and try it please contact Scott Wehrmann at for more information. All that is needed is a center fire rifle capable of holding 5 rounds, (AR15’s are perfect) and 50 rounds of ammo. All shooting will be at 100 yds, with 4 positions being shot. Standing, Sitting Rapid Fire, Prone Rapid Fire, and Prone Slow Fire.

President Whitefish Rifle & Pistol Club
Gavin N. Corrigan

Women On Target

Online Registration

Women on Target Event: Saturday, July 16th, All Day

Please fill in the following registration form below and we will get back to you to confirm your registration. The fee is $30 which includes eye and ear protection, ammo,breakfast and lunch. This is an all day event.

Contact Us

The Whitefish Rifle & Pistol Club
P.O. Box 3542
Kalispell, MT 59903 USA

Phone: (406) 314-8149

Email: secwrp {at}