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June 2021

Whitefish Rifle & Pistol Club – May 2021 News Letter

Whitefish Rifle and Pistol Club News Letter

May 2021

P.O. Box 3542, Kalispell, MT 59903

Next regular meeting, will be held on July 7, 2021 at the WRPC Rifle Range at 7:00pm

A regular meeting was held on May 5th at the Flathead County Fairgrounds 4-H Building with five officers and four members present.

Business discussed:

Range Cleanup Day on April 24th

Had a few volunteers show up to help, we were done by noon.  Changed all boards, empty garbage cans and burned the old target boards.  Stan and Justin both brought T-paper for the restroom, so we are stocked for now.  Will probably need to mow in early June.

Range Improvements

Justin has a couple of guys that are going to do a quote on the handicap access at the pistol range, fixing the access at the rifle range, and building new covered stairs at the pistol range.  Hopefully will get quotes done soon.

Club Website Developer

The club is in need of securing a website company/developer to maintain our website.  Stan had suggested Fiver, but had some concerns with privacy.  He is checking into what protocols are in place with Fiver.

Road Maintenance

Club member Brian emailed in regards to road maintenance, blading and gravel where needed.  Blading cost of $500 to $600, with gravel cost of $800 to $1200.  The homeowner’s association is requesting us to help with the cost along with DNRC.

Rifle Range

Discussion on getting the gong done at 300 yards.  We have the gong, but will need to have a work party to build the bunker.

June 2nd Orientation will be held at the WRPC on the Rifle Range at 6:30pm.