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MAY 2024 Newsletter

Whitefish Rifle and Pistol Club
P.O. Box 3542, Kalispell, MT 59903

A regular meeting was held on May 1, 2024 at the Whitefish Rifle Range with 3 officers and 2 members present.

Range Clean Up
Range Clean Up on Saturday, April 27, 2024 went well. Replaced a post at 25 yards and added one to the bunker at 200 yards at the rifle range. Replaced all backer boards at both Pistol and Rifle Ranges. Thanks to all the volunteers of the day.

Range Improvements
The concrete has been poured for the Pistol Range new Stairs. Solid Iron is building the stairs.

Hunter Education Field Day
The Pistol Range will be closed on June 1, 2024 for Hunter Education Field Day.

Berm and Bunkers
After approval from the DNRC we will be doing Berm work at both the Rifle and Pistol Range later in the summer add will be adding a bunker on the Rifle Range at 300 yards and a bunker on the Pistol Range at 50 yards.

.223 Pistols should be shot on Rifle Range Only
Shotgun should only be shot at the north-end of Pistol Range on your own Target Boards. Never on any WRPC Products!
Please pickup after yourselves
If you witness safety concerns, please contact an officer.

Important Dates
June 5, 2024 Orientation at the Rifle Range 6:30 pm
July 10, 2024 Orientation at the Rifle Range 6:30 pm
July 10, 2024 Membership Meeting at the Rifle Range 7:00pm

Meeting attendance is encouraged!!!